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Web development can be a lucrative career, and employers are now recruiting for roles as varied as graphic designer, web developer, and project manager.

Employers also use the job application to assess applicants’ experience and skills.

To get an idea of how many jobs are available to web developers worldwide, The Guardian looked at a wide range of jobs that are listed on job boards.

The most popular types of jobs listed on the job boards are graphic design, web development, project manager, web architect, website designer, content specialist, and web developer.

A graphic designer is a graphic designer who specializes in design and development.

They can design logos, layouts, graphics, and icons.

A web developer is a web engineer, or computer programmer, who develops websites and web applications.

They build websites and manage web applications on their own.

A project manager is a project manager who manages or coordinates a project of a company or organisation.

They oversee or oversee other teams of web developers and design professionals.

They are often responsible for the creation and maintenance of the website.

A content specialist is a content specialist who creates and maintains a website for a specific client.

They may work as a consultant, web designer, or illustrator.

A website designer is an artist who creates content on behalf of a client.

They may work in the creative direction or in the design of web pages.

A Web architect is a professional in the field of web design, architecture, and development who helps develop and manage websites for a particular client.

The client usually chooses the type of website.

An illustration artist is a freelance illustrator who creates illustrations on behalf or for a client to be displayed on a website.

They typically work on the design, layout, and layout design side of the business.

A professional web developer has been an experienced web developer for a long time, and is well-versed in the software and web design industry.

They have years of experience working with web technologies and the web design and website development fields.