Posted by Polygon on May 12, 2018 07:00:43 Magento has announced its new SDK for the web, which promises to be the biggest step for the CMS platform to date.

While the announcement comes just a few days after the release of the first official Magento web app, the new Magento SDK is actually a preview of the full release, which is expected to be ready for release by the end of this year.

This new SDK is being built by a team of 10 developers, and includes the first real integration with the Magento API.

There are already a few interesting features included in the new SDK, including: 1.

Support for web development with web tools Magento now supports a new type of web development, which allows developers to build web apps using the web tools, Magento Core and Magento Web Developer.

This is something that has been missing from Magento for quite some time.

This makes Magento developers able to leverage their own existing tools and create custom applications for a wide range of web and mobile platforms, and will allow them to extend Magento in many new ways.


New Magento-specific modules A new feature in the SDK is called “Magento-Specific modules”.

These modules are built around Magento specific features, like RESTful APIs, or a custom module framework, and are meant to make Magento developer’s lives easier.

There is no new web development platform here, only a new SDK.


More integration with Google Play The Magento team has also announced a new web developer API that they call Google Play Developers API, which aims to make the developer’s life easier with Google’s developer platform.

The API is available for developers to integrate with Google services and applications, and can be used to build apps on the Mag, Magentas Developer API, or Magento Enterprise Platform.

We’ve had some reports of this new Google Play Developer API working well, and we’re looking forward to more integrations in the future.


Better support for mobile devices With the release and launch of the Magentals new SDK we have seen a rise in interest in the development of web apps on mobile devices.

The platform has had support for iOS and Android since its launch in 2015, and since then we’ve seen the launch of Magento Cloud with Google as well as several other partners, including Google Play Services.

The recent announcement of Magentys new SDK brings with it some much needed support for developers who are trying to build a web app on mobile, and a new set of web services, including Magento Platform, the Magenteras RESTful API, and the Magenium Web Developer API.

We expect the new development platform to be a great addition to the platform, and look forward to seeing more apps written in the Mag and Magentams new web standards.