Posted May 10, 2019 05:25:15It’s been a rough few months for Hudson developer Cyrus.

Last week, the company announced that it was no longer accepting developers who used the codename “Cyrus.”

Instead, Cyrus was to be a codename used only on a contract with Hudson Web Development.

The name was eventually changed to “Curtis” and is now used by Hudson.

The move came after Hudson posted a statement saying that it would no longer accept developers who use the codenames “Cys” and “Cros” because they are “not reflective of the Hudson brand.”

The company was previously one of the best-known and most successful web developers in the world.

But since the announcement, it has struggled to find new talent.

According to the New York Times, Hudson is seeking to recruit developers who will be “focused on delivering more value to our customers through innovative design and development processes.”