Google’s Web Developer is out for revenge, he says, as the company is looking to replace its own design team with one that can build custom applications with a wider range of capabilities.

In an open letter to his peers, Brad Stone, a Google web developer, said the company’s latest changes to the way it manages its applications are a move toward an entirely new design team.

He said that changes will likely include hiring more engineers and hiring more web developers, though he did not provide specific details about how this new team will be different from the one that preceded it.

In recent years, Google has been moving away from its own web-based development tools and instead has relied heavily on the help of third-party developers, who are free to develop their own code.

This approach has also meant that some of the more prominent and important Web-based apps that Google currently supports are no longer accessible on the company website.

For example, Google’s MySpace is no longer available, and Facebook’s Facebook app is now only available in English.

Google said in its letter that it is not “actively looking to hire a new team,” and instead it is looking for “a new way to design and deliver the most powerful applications possible.”

Stone said that the company “does not have any plans to replace existing teams with new ones.”

He added that “we are always looking to improve our web development tools, and are actively looking to find the best way to do that.”

Google is also looking to make the code for some of its Web apps easier to use by making it easier to build web applications that are more flexible, and that will likely mean hiring more developers.

Stone did not elaborate on exactly what changes the company plans to make.