The BBC Sport app for Android, iOS and the BBC App store is now live. 

The BBC Sport website, which is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, is a hub for the broadcaster’s digital media and has become a popular way for fans to discover and access BBC content. 

Users can now access content across all platforms, including BBC TV, BBC Radio 1, BBC Sport, BBC World Service and BBC Sport Online.

The BBC has also revamped its Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

It has introduced a new hashtag, #bbcsport, and has created a new Twitter profile, @bbcsports, which can be used to follow the sport in its entirety.

The BBC Sports app is available from the Google Play store for Android phones and tablets and the iTunes Store.

Users can also download the app on iOS devices via the App Store. 

In addition, the BBC Sport apps for Android and iOS allow users to view the BBC Sports website, search for news, and browse the BBC archives.

The app also features the BBCs digital and social channels, including the BBC iPlayer, BBC News, BBC Three and BBC Four channels, as well as a curated selection of content for people to browse and follow.