The idea of closing the web development workforce is a growing concern in Milwaukee.

That’s because it’s the third-largest city in the state.

In a survey of local developers, 57 percent of respondents said they would consider closing the online development industry.

The state’s online development economy has grown rapidly in recent years.

Last year, there were about 8,500 online jobs.

That was up from about 4,000 in 2010.

And the job market is expanding again.

In the past year, Milwaukee’s jobs market grew by about 1.6 percent, according to the state Department of Commerce.

The average wage for a software developer is about $90,000 a year, according the Census Bureau.

That makes Milwaukee the most expensive city in America to start a business in.

Milwaukee has also lost ground to neighboring cities.

In 2012, Milwaukee had the highest unemployment rate in the nation.

It was 7.5 percent in 2015.

The city lost 5,400 jobs, the third most in the country.

In 2017, the state reported a total of 5.4 million job losses, down from 5.7 million in 2017.

In many parts of the state, developers are struggling to attract qualified applicants.

The problem has worsened as the state has grappled with a chronic shortage of skilled workers.

In April, the governor said he would reduce the state’s minimum wage by $1.50 an hour and reduce benefits.

The measure passed the Legislature but was vetoed by Gov.

Scott Walker, a Republican who was elected in 2010 on a promise to restore jobs and revive the economy.

Last month, Walker reversed his decision and said he wouldn’t lower the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour.

He said the new wage will go into effect immediately and is designed to address what he called the “deep, persistent” labor shortage in the city.

The Milwaukee Business Journal reported that some of the city’s developers and employers are worried that if the state doesn’t raise the minimum wages soon, it could hurt their business.