Web developer education: What you need to know

By Dan ZanderThe following information comes from a recent report by the Web Developer Education Association (WDEA) to inform your career decision-making.The WDEA offers an in-depth, in-person, online, web developer training course.You will learn how to build the skills and knowledge you need for successful employment in today’s global marketplace.You’ll […]

When you hire web developers: It is time to pay them more

Udemy has a new program called Web Developers for Beginners.It is designed for the web developer with a background in web development, but it is designed specifically for the “developer” in the room.It offers four different learning objectives, including: learning the fundamentals of web development; learning to work in a […]

Why Idaho is going for the web developer over other states?

The state’s new Web Development Certification Program aims to create a more “web-friendly” environment for software developers.The goal is to streamline the process, make it easier for those who are new to software development and make it a more attractive option to potential employers, said Kristine Phelan, associate director of […]