How to start using JavaScript on mobile devices

The following article has been updated with additional information from the FCC.The FCC voted Wednesday to approve the use of JavaScript in the mobile Web.The move comes after several months of negotiations between the FCC and the Web giant Apple.A number of Web giants, including Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla, had […]

How to write a React app

The article, by Chris Anderson, explores how to develop an app using React and React Native.It’s a fun read for anyone who has an interest in learning React and the React Native API.Chris Anderson teaches at a university in New Zealand and also teaches React at the University of New […]

Hackers hack into Tesla and Tesla’s website

Hacker group Anonymous claimed responsibility for attacking Tesla and its website on Sunday, claiming credit for a series of attacks that were posted on the Anonymous’ Twitter account and distributed on Pastebin.The attacks appear to have originated from the US-based Tesla Model S sedan, which has become a target of […]