Why GitHub doesn’t make me an engineer

GitHub doesn’ t make me a developer.I’d rather be a developer, says the 39-year-old software engineer who quit the company in March.I like code, and the code that I wrote is a great way to make friends and learn about new technologies, says Mike Molloy, who quit GitHub last year […]

Udemy web developer guide for students and teachers

Udemy is offering web development courses for anyone who wants to learn to code, but can’t afford to pay full price.The courses, which include online video tutorials, are for anyone interested in learning the ropes of a web development career.Udemy will offer a series of “free web development lessons” for […]

When you’re stuck with an awful web developer tattoo

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How to get your web app to scale with Elasticsearch

You’ve spent years developing complex web applications that scale across multiple devices, and you’ve even created a mobile app.Now you want to scale those apps with ElasticSearch, a scalable web server that runs on any web browser.In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of deploying Elasticsearch to your […]

How to build a web app in JavaScript

By Amy B. WangThe Associated PressAUSTIN — It took two years to build the app that would launch the next wave of web developers, but it didn’t take long to learn how to code.The new version of the project, called WebBuilder, is available on GitHub.It was developed by a handful […]