Web development responsibilities

The web developer responsibilities can be very demanding.We’ve all been there.It’s not all fun and games when the responsibilities can turn into a bit of a nightmare.We’re here to help you with your web development responsibilities.We have a wide range of topics for you to read and explore to get […]

Bootstrap for Web Developers

Developer Bootstrap is an open source HTML5 web development framework that’s been around since 2013.It offers a powerful set of tools for web developers to quickly create HTML5 projects, including the ability to write their own CSS.In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up Bootstrap to help you […]

What is the best Android app? The Android community is divided on which one is the top app in India, says senior web developer Anshuman Rajarajan.

Senior Web Developer Anshumant Rajarajaan said, “Android is an amazing platform.Android is the most important mobile platform out there.It is a platform where you can build applications, games, websites and apps.It’s not a platform to do nothing.”He added, “The app stores in India are the best.If you go to Amazon, […]