Microsoft, Amazon open new web presence software

Ars Technic article Microsoft is now opening up its Web Application Development (WAD) product line, with new web developers being hired to work on the products.

The company has hired several hundred WAD developers over the past couple of years.

These developers will be responsible for providing web developer services for Microsoft’s existing online platforms, including Windows, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.

Microsoft is also opening up WAD developer tools to third-party developers, with support for Web API-based programming languages such as PHP and Python.

Microsoft said that the new WAD products will be available for download later this year, but that it was planning to begin selling them this fall.

The Windows platform has traditionally been one of the least-used platforms in Microsoft’s online offerings, but Microsoft’s latest announcements about WAD suggest that the platform is on the rise.

Microsoft’s Web Application Developer (WADA) service is aimed at the “developer” in the Microsoft workforce.

WADA is available to developers at Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, campus, but it’s also available to users from around the world.

Developers can also use the WADA platform to develop and deploy web applications for Windows Azure, Windows Server, Windows Embedded, Windows Store, and other Microsoft-owned platforms.

Microsoft previously opened up its WADA services to developers through a Windows 10 Preview, but this latest announcement marks the first time that developers will have access to WADA from a broader Microsoft platform.

Microsoft announced earlier this month that it plans to open up WADA to developers in the Windows Store for free.

Microsoft has also announced plans to provide WADA-based apps to developers and other organizations that wish to use the platform.