W.H. ‘wants to know more about Trump’s plans’

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is expected to announce his plans for a “massive overhaul” of the U.S. immigration system in the coming weeks, his senior adviser said Wednesday.

Trump is expected in the White House on Friday for a briefing, according to Kellyanne Conway, who also serves as his top adviser on domestic policy.

A Trump administration official said the president’s team is gathering a report on the state of the nation’s immigration system.

It will be released later this week, according a source familiar with the matter.

A senior administration official told ABC News the president is planning a major overhaul of the immigration system that will include a new system for vetting people seeking to enter the country, a system that would include tougher rules for border crossings and a system for hiring immigrants.

The plan is expected not to be announced by the White of the United States but will likely be announced in the next couple of days, according the source familiar to the administration.

The White House did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

The announcement will come amid a backdrop of escalating tension between the Trump administration and some in the U,S.

Latino community, who are increasingly frustrated with the administration’s approach to immigration.

Trump has been repeatedly critical of the federal government’s response to the wave of immigrants arriving in the United State, accusing it of lax enforcement and not providing proper resources to those trying to enter.

Last month, Trump accused the government of being “a massive ripoff” of U.s. taxpayers by “crippling” its efforts to deport people.

But a senior administration source told ABC that the president will not directly criticize federal agencies.

Instead, the source said the White’s focus will be on a plan to overhaul immigration that will result in better screening and enforcement, a more robust border fence, and a broader overhaul of asylum laws that have been in place for decades.

The source said that the Trump team has been discussing a system to verify immigrants’ immigration status, with some of the administration officials involved in that discussion indicating they expect it to include additional tools for law enforcement to investigate immigration cases.