Boise developer on the hunt for the next big thing

Boise, Idaho-based Web developer James Ragan has been working on a web app called Ransom.

The app is based on the concept of a web service that can be used to collect and hold data on your devices.

Ragan said the idea for Ransom came from an article he read in Forbes about a ransomware attack on the company’s servers.

The ransomware forced the company to shut down, but Ragan and his team continued working on the app after it was shut down.

In this interview, Ragan talks about his process and what’s next for Rango, the company that’s developed Ransom and is working on its next iteration.

Interview Highlights: James Ragen, Web Developer, Ransom James Ragon is the founder of Ransom, a mobile app for locking up data and files on devices and encrypting them.

He said the company developed the app because of a ransomware infection on their servers.

Ragon said the ransomware took down the servers and then sent users a message saying that they were infected.

He believes the ransomware could have been an attack on one of the company servers.

Ragon said he and his coworkers got a lot of help from other researchers who were trying to solve similar problems.

Rago said the attackers could have also targeted his coworkers at other companies.

He added that the company doesn’t want users to panic, because he thinks it would be a mistake to download and install Ransom on their own.

Ransom is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.

The company has a goal of getting its app to 10 million users.

“We’re really hoping to be able to hit 10 million in the next two weeks,” Ragon told Vice News.

The company plans to start rolling out the app as a free download on Tuesday, March 14.

Users can opt to pay for a $1 monthly subscription, which is included in the app.

The monthly fee includes unlimited storage for up to five users, encrypted files, and a ransom.

Rigo said that if the company had reached its goal of reaching 10 million downloads, the app would have gone free for everyone on the first day.

On the app, users will be able log into the app and use their mobile phone to create a PIN and password, encrypt the device, and lock it.

The PIN will be sent to Rigo’s email address.

Rigors team will keep users posted on the progress of the app with a video on the homepage.

For users who are not comfortable using their mobile phones, Rigours app will also let them lock their computer to prevent others from accessing the data.

If you are unable to download the app from the iTunes store or Google Play store, Rigo told Vice, you can still get Ransom by visiting the website.

Users who install Rigo are also able to use the app to encrypt their data, like emails, files, calendars, contacts, and more.