‘We want to be like Facebook’: Facebook founder and CEO Peter Thiel is ‘furious’ at his former company’s stock price

The Facebook founder Peter Thiel has taken to Twitter to vent his fury over Facebook’s stock plummeting, with the billionaire claiming the company’s valuation is “unfair”.

Mr Thiel has not commented publicly on the stock’s decline, and he has previously described Facebook as “the greatest technology company of all time”.

He wrote: “Facebook stock fell to its lowest level in over a decade last night.

I am furious.

Facebook’s valuation has been wrong for the last 20 years.

It’s a shame that they are in a position to make this claim.”

In an apparent dig at Facebook’s founder, Mr Thiel added: “I have never worked for a company where the CEO makes more than 10 times his salary, and I have never had a company that made so little money in the past 20 years.”

Mr Thiel’s comments come amid a flurry of news surrounding Facebook, with investors questioning whether the company can be successful with a cash-strapped valuation of $18bn.

Mr Thiel told CNBC that Facebook is “a great platform”, but added: “[Facebook] has to be profitable.

I believe they can do it, but I don’t know how to do it.””

I’m in no hurry to say that.

I’m very concerned about their ability to do well and their ability of staying there,” he added.

Mr Trump has previously praised Mr Thiel for his role in Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, a messaging app.

He said: “Peter Thiel, one of the smartest people in the world, has put together one of most successful technology companies of all-time.”

“That’s the reason why he’s worth billions and billions of dollars.

That’s the story.”

Mr Trump also praised Mr Zuckerberg for his contribution to Facebook and Twitter, saying: “The way he’s run the company is a phenomenal success.”

Facebook shares fell 5.6 per cent on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, the worst performance since April last year.

The stock fell by 8 per cent to $39.75 per share, while WhatsApp shares fell by 7 per cent and Snapchat fell by 3 per cent.