A website in 3 months for $30,000

The future looks bright for web developers in India.

That’s the prediction of a leading Indian technology company.

Its website for an online business called C3C aims to make it easy for people to work remotely.

In the past, the company’s founders had been working remotely for months.

But now they’re doing the same.

The site is now up and running, with a few hundred developers working on it on an hourly basis.

The founders of the company, Amit Shah and Ravi Gupta, say they are “very happy” with the work they’ve done and hope that other developers will be able to follow suit.

Their project is based on a popular open-source platform called AgileBits.

Agile Bits lets companies create websites in minutes, for a fraction of the cost of traditional coding.

It also lets companies make decisions about the design and content of websites in a matter of minutes, instead of months or years.

The Agile team is based in the city of Hyderabad, and Shah and Gupta are based at a company called Infosys.

They say they have “a lot of faith” in the technology behind Agile.

And they’re not alone.

Many people working in software are starting to get excited about the potential of Agile software.

One of them is Paul Graham, who founded a company that helps companies build software in less than 30 minutes, and who recently founded a consultancy company called Agilent.

Graham says Agile is “a big deal” for him.

“I’m a big believer in agile, because it’s so much easier to learn and build a website from scratch than from the ground up.”

Agile, the Agile Manifesto Graham says he’s also been following the Agilents development since it was first released in 2012.

He’s spent more than $1 million on software, which has helped him build a software company, as well as a software consulting firm.

Agilens latest release is a “compiler” that allows companies to use a common set of tools to build websites, he says.

He says the company has made a “really big step forward” in that regard.

Graham also recently published a blog post explaining why he thinks Agile and Agile Bits are a great fit for him, saying that he thinks both are very scalable.

Graham is an entrepreneur, and he’s a big fan of Agilence.

But he says the main benefit of Agiles software is that it’s open-sourced, which means that it doesn’t require the permission of the community.

He hopes to open up the software to other developers and give them the ability to develop websites for free.

Agilient, on the other hand, has built its business around the idea of being “the open source web framework that you use to build and maintain your websites.”

It’s been around for quite a while.

In 2012, it had about 100,000 developers on its developer forum, and in 2013, it was on the front page of Hacker News.

Today, it has over 7,000, according to the site.

Agilkites website looks simple, but it’s actually pretty complicated.

The main focus is on a “quick start” page that gives users a basic idea of how to use Agile tools.

The page says that you’ll need an Internet connection, a database to store your data, and a few other pieces of software to build the website.

The setup is pretty straightforward, and the website is fairly basic.

It has a single main navigation bar that lets you select “More,” “Contact Us,” “About,” and “Contact us.”

Agilkits logo The Agilkity logo is on the top of the page.

This logo is different from the Agilkit logo that many of the Agiliens other websites have.

The logos are different for different reasons, but one common reason is that they’re all variations of a single, bright, orange star that shows up in the center of the screen.

There are no other Agilkies logos.

Agilities website looks pretty simple, although the main focus of the site is on making it easier to get started.

There’s a list of tools that you can use to make a website.

You’ll need to know how to build a database, but the Agility website has built-in tools for that too.

You can create your own website templates, which you can then upload to the website, which will be used to make your website.

If you’re not building a website, you can also use Agiliance’s “Tools for Business.”

These are all open- source tools that can be downloaded from the company website.

Agillity also has a free version of the software that allows developers to build custom websites.

It’s not as simple as building a standard website, however.

In order to get your site up and working, you’ll have to sign up for an account on the Agillis