What is the best Android app? The Android community is divided on which one is the top app in India, says senior web developer Anshuman Rajarajan.

Senior Web Developer Anshumant Rajarajaan said, “Android is an amazing platform.

Android is the most important mobile platform out there.

It is a platform where you can build applications, games, websites and apps.

It’s not a platform to do nothing.”

He added, “The app stores in India are the best.

If you go to Amazon, you can get most of the Android apps.

You can get a lot of the games, and there is a great variety of games.

Android has become the platform of choice for developers.

It has the best app store, it’s the platform where all the big brands are going to sell their apps.”

According to Rajaraji, it is the popularity of the app store that has helped the platform attract developers.

“There are more developers today.

The developers are not going to wait for a developer app store,” he said.

“When you are looking at the number of developers, the app stores are the only thing that is driving the growth.”

“The Android app store is the biggest app store in the world.

It attracts the biggest companies in the industry.

When you see that, there is something in there that is not there on iOS or Windows or anything like that,” he added.

He also said that Android apps are free, and users have to pay.

“People are free to use Android apps on their phones.

You have to have a monthly subscription.

If the app does not charge you, you are free.”

He also pointed out that Android is a very popular platform in India.

“The Android platform is huge.

You see that in the appstore.

The app store attracts a lot more people,” he explained.

He said, ‘In the past, the market for Android has been very skewed towards Indian companies.

Now it is changing.

The Indian market is big enough for Indian companies to be able to sell apps to a lot less people.’

The Android market is bigger than the iOS and Windows market.’

He also highlighted that Android has a strong developer community.

“We have developers who come to us from India.

Developers come from all over the world,” he claimed.

“You can go to India and get developers from any country.

The reason why the Android developers are so passionate about Android is because they are passionate about their work.”

He added, “[The developers] are passionate and they love to build apps and they are dedicated to it.

They love Android.

They have a good attitude.”

He said that the developers who are coming from India are more skilled than those from other countries.

“A lot of Indian developers are skilled.

We have some skilled Indian developers, but we are not getting any Indian developers from other places.

I think the people who are developing in India do not have the same mindset as the people from other parts of the world who are doing the same thing.

India has a very skilled developer community and they have done great things in the past.”