Microsoft announces new cloud-based web development contract, says there’s no ‘middle man’ to buy web hosting

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it will be paying developers to build the web applications that run on its new cloud services.

Developers will be hired by Microsoft, but not from the company’s existing vendor, to build these web applications.

“The cloud is a great place to build and test, and we want to support the growing number of companies building and deploying these apps,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a blog post announcing the change.

“Microsoft is partnering with several companies in order to help them grow their businesses, and today, we’re announcing new contracts with companies that want to build web apps that run across Microsoft Azure.”

Microsoft said the new contracts will run for a period of one year and provide a “comptia-based” web development platform.

The company said it would also provide a number of tools and services to help developers build applications, including an SDK and documentation tools.

Microsoft previously offered web developers the ability to build applications on the company cloud, which includes Microsoft’s own Azure.

Microsoft said its cloud services allow developers to use their own resources and data to build websites, apps and other services that run off the Azure platform.

Microsoft has also offered a number the cloud-hosted web developer to run applications on.

However, Microsoft said that it is currently not able to offer cloud services directly to developers, even if they are willing to sign up for a Microsoft Azure contract.

Nadell said that developers would not have to pay Microsoft directly, but would instead be paid by Microsoft to build their applications.

He added that Microsoft would be providing a variety of tools to help web developers manage their applications, from the ability for web developers to export their code to Microsoft’s open source tools to provide more information about their applications to provide a means for the developer to “see the end result.”

He also said that Microsoft was “working to develop additional cloud solutions for our customers” to provide the developer with a better, more flexible solution for managing their application.

Microsoft, which has been under pressure to increase its use of cloud services since the release of Windows 10 in 2016, is expected to announce new cloud products next week.