Hackers hack into Tesla and Tesla’s website

Hacker group Anonymous claimed responsibility for attacking Tesla and its website on Sunday, claiming credit for a series of attacks that were posted on the Anonymous’ Twitter account and distributed on Pastebin.

The attacks appear to have originated from the US-based Tesla Model S sedan, which has become a target of hackers in recent months.

“We are Anonymous and we will not stop until all the evil companies that have been sucking us dry of our money and our freedom are brought to justice,” the group wrote in a statement.

“It is time for the US to wake up and realize that all the lies and lies about us and our planet have been a lie for too long.

The truth is coming, and we are ready to be the one to shine the light on it.”

Anonymous is currently waging an attack on Tesla’s security software, the Tesla Platform, but it did not reveal the extent of the damage that was done.

Anonymous said that the hackers targeted a number of vulnerabilities in the company’s software and database management systems, as well as “an external database of Tesla vehicles”.

The hackers, according to the group, had been able to download a copy of the Tesla software, and the stolen data included a database of vehicle owners’ addresses and vehicle details.

Anonymous also claimed credit for taking control of Tesla’s email service, Twitter, and a number the company provided for users to post comments on their Tesla-related news articles.

Anonymous has previously attacked Tesla in the past, publishing the stolen Tesla emails, which showed the company had been hacked before.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment from Wired.