How to code with React, Angular, Ember and more in my new book, React Web Development: From React to Ember and Beyond

Posted October 03, 2018 06:06:59The year is 2019 and developers are starting to catch on to the promise of modern web development tools like React and Angular.

But in the process, the old-school, classic ways of developing and prototyping have become outdated.

We are not only designing for a mobile browser, but for a web-based one.

This book is a comprehensive introduction to modern web programming techniques and frameworks.

It is the first book in a series of five books on the topic.

The goal is to help you master the techniques and build your own app in a way that is easy to learn, accessible and fun to use.

In the past, it’s been very difficult to create and publish apps that are fun to develop on the web.

This new book will help you do just that, and we’re thrilled to bring it to the market.