How to build a web app in JavaScript

By Amy B. WangThe Associated PressAUSTIN — It took two years to build the app that would launch the next wave of web developers, but it didn’t take long to learn how to code.

The new version of the project, called WebBuilder, is available on GitHub.

It was developed by a handful of Web Developers Association of America members, who said they were inspired by a similar app for developing video games that launched in 2012.

It is now available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

A video showing the app is embedded in the website for the organization’s website.

The WebBuilder project, named after a popular book, is a work-in-progress project.

Its first major release was about three years ago.

That version of WebBuilder only had a basic web app built and had a few basic pages in its main codebase.

WebBuilder has since evolved.

It now includes full-fledged web apps for a few different platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The team is using JavaScript, a powerful language for web development.

Web developers also use a new programming language called “scripting language” to write their apps, including the new version.

WebBuilder has more than 40 contributors from the industry, many from large tech companies such as Facebook and Microsoft.

The code has been shared on GitHub with the permission of the original authors.

It was a challenge to get WebBuilder to compile on modern computers.

The WebBuilder developers said they had to modify the code to support modern versions of Intel’s Atom processors, which can handle modern web apps.