How do you become a remote developer?

As remote developers increasingly seek a steady income from their day jobs, the internet has taken its place.And if you’re willing to take the leap and move out of your home, there are some things you should know.1.How to get a job in the first placeWhen you’re a newbie, you […]

Udemy web developer guide for students and teachers

Udemy is offering web development courses for anyone who wants to learn to code, but can’t afford to pay full price.The courses, which include online video tutorials, are for anyone interested in learning the ropes of a web development career.Udemy will offer a series of “free web development lessons” for […]

When you’re stuck with an awful web developer tattoo

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How to make your web development site profitable

Developer salaries in the U.S. rose last year for the first time since 2009 as software developers continued to enter the workforce, according to a new report by the consulting firm McKinsey & Co.The median pay for software developers in the United States rose by $15,700 over the past year, […]