A week-long course on web development from Flutter.com is coming to a close and the first half of the course, titled How to Build Your Own Flutter Web Framework with the FLutter BootCamp, is now live.

The course is an introductory introduction to Flutter, which lets you build web applications that run on top of the framework, but doesn’t have to be a full fledged web app.

It focuses on a set of “first-class” web apps that can be built with the framework.

You’ll learn how to use a browser extension to add features to a page, and how to integrate with a RESTful API to handle some of your web app’s interactions.

For instance, you can create a web application that can send users to a website, collect information on their interests and preferences, and even manage their location.

Flutter also includes a number of resources to get you started, including a free guide that teaches you how to make a Flutter application with the latest features.

It also includes some free tools to get your feet wet.

To learn more, check out the course video below.

The first part of the bootcamp is a two-day class with one teacher per day, and the second part will take place over the course of three days, during which Flutter developers will work on a fully functional prototype.

If you want to learn more about Flutter in general, you may want to check out this previous article, or check out our guide on Flutter as a framework.

This isn’t the first time Flutter has been on the minds of developers, as it was also featured in a Flutters roundup earlier this year.

The Bootcamp is available now for $7.99.

The Flutter developer guide can be downloaded here.